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The Assertive Community Treatment (ACT) Team is a service provided by an interdisciplinary team that ensures service availability 24 hours a day, 7 days per a week, and 365 days a year, and is prepared to carry out a full range of treatment functions wherever and whenever needed. A service recipient is referred to the Assertive Community Treatment ACT Team service when it has been determined that his/ or her needs are so pervasive and/or unpredictable that they can not be met effectively by any other combination of available community services. Typically this service should be targeted to the ten percent (10%) of mental health service recipients who have serious and persistent mental illness or co-occurring disorders, dual and triply diagnosedtriple diagnoses, and the most complex and expensive treatment needs. ACT Team service coordination is a process of organizing and coordinating within the multidisciplinary team to carry out the range of treatment, rehabilitation, and support services each recipient needs to meet the goals in his or her Person Centered Plan. Service coordination also includes coordinating with community resources, including consumer self-help and advocacy organizations that promote recovery.

In partnership with the recipient and people identified as important to him or her (such as family, friends, and providers), the ACT Team facilitates the person-centered planning process. This includes both initial development, implementation, and ongoing revision of the Person Centered Plan and monitoring the implementation of the Person Centered Plan, including involvement of other medical and non-medical providers, the recipient, and natural and community supports. The Qualified Professional on the team who develops and maintains the Person Centered Plan will be the identified service coordinator and maintain primary responsibility for establishing and maintaining a therapeutic relationship with the recipient.

The service objectives are addressed by activities designed to
• Promote symptom stability and appropriate use of medication
• Restore personal, community living, and social skills
• Promote and maintain physical health
• Establish access to entitlements, housing, work, and social opportunities
• Promote and maintain the highest possible level of functioning in the community

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