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Our Services :: Multisystemic Therapy

Multisystemic Therapy (MST) is a rehabilitative program designed for youth who have serious chronic antisocial, aggressive, or violent behaviors, and for their families and/or caregivers. These youth are generally between the ages 12 and 17 years (however, younger children may qualify), with a diagnosable serious behavioral or emotional disturbance, a substance-related disorder (as defined by the DSM-IV-TR and its successors), or both, with symptoms and effects documented in the Person Centered Plan. This is an intensive, short- term, family- and community-based treatment for youth who are at risk of, or are returning from, out-of- home placement due to the delinquent behavior.

MST is a service that directly addresses the medical necessity of the recipient’s diagnostic and clinical needs. MST provides an intensive model of treatment based on empirical data and evidence-based individualized interventions that target specific behaviors The duration of the MST service averages 4 months, with a typical range of 3–5 months.
MST views individuals as being part of, and influenced by, a complex network of interconnected systems and addresses multiple influences and factors known to be related to juvenile delinquency across key settings and systems within which the youth are embedded. The purpose of this program is to deliver an intensive therapy with the youth and his or her family and caregivers, primarily within the home, to avoid out-of-home placement. Services may also be provided with the youth at school and in other community settings. Services are provided to the youth and their families/caregivers by MST-trained clinicians supported by the MST Team.

Services include
• Initial and ongoing assessments to identify the focus of the MST intervention
• Therapeutic interventions with the youth and his or her family and/or caregivers
• Case management
• Crisis stabilization

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